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Video CCTV Erasure - Video Tape Eraser

New rules being introduced relating to the use of CCTV video recordings submissable as evidence state that it must be proven that a video tape has been completely erased before being reused if it is to be submitted as evidence.

As it is not possible to predict when a video recording is going to be needed as evidence, it is essential that all video cassettes are completely erased prior to reuse.


It is essential that CCTV video recordings are of the best quality if they are to be used for recognition or evidence purposes. Reusing video cassettes without bulk erasing will result in poor quality reproduction on playback.

Bulk erasing will also ensure conformity with the latest Data Protection laws being introduced throughout Europe.

These Degaussers provide the most convenient method of bulk erasing video cassettes for operators of VHS or S-VHS CCTV installations.


V94: 20 minute duty cycle for S-VHS cassettes. Also suitable for standard VHS

V880: High throughput of VHS or S-VHS cassettes per hour.


We reserve the right to amend all specifications without notice.

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manual degausser compact high energy degausser manual hard drive eraser tape eraser compact desktop tape degausser
automatic degausser non continuous conveyor degausser non continuous bulk eraser continuous duty degausser high density metal tape and cassette eraser hard drive conveyor degausser
security degausser security magnetic media eraser automatic high-density magnetic media eraser 4000 Gauss field eraser security media hard drive degausser in association with Eyecote offer a comprehensive range that encompasses all erasure requirements from a hand held degausser through to continuous duty industrial degaussers. Magnetic Media Technology continues to advance and data capacities increase bringing with it  greater security risks when using and disposing of media. 
rasing all media before re-use will orientate the particles completely thus leaving the media clean of previous data and provides protection against computer Virus contamination.
A lthough you will find a wide range of information on our web-site, to ensure that you select exactly the right degausser for you specific application please use our assistance page, we are always happy to offer advice and answer any specific questions you may have.